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History of Neptune

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Neptune was the Roman god of the seas and water. He was designated as the god of springs, lakes and rivers before becoming a god of the sea and venerated by the Romans as the father of all living beings on Earth through the fertilising power of rainwater. He was represented in art as a god of the sea, with black or dark hair wearing garments of an azure or sea-green color and seated in a large shell chariot drawn by whales, horses or sea-horses.

He is always pictured with with his trident in his hand and is usually attended by sea gods and sea goddesses and a retinue of Tritons and sea-nymphs. On some ancient coins and medals he is depicted mounted on the beak of a ship as a clear indication that he presided over the seas.

Neptune was also the patron of horse racing, and was believed by the ancients to have been the creator of the horse. A temple dedicated to him was situated near the Circus Flaminius which was a Roman racetrack. The Circus Flaminius was the venue for horse races with one rider and his horse going around the turning posts, unlike the Circus Maximus which was the venue for chariot races in Rome.

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